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Living on the Edge with Ben VanDamme

Series One, "Strength"

March 30, 2011
 Dear Reader,
 Thank you for visiting my website, and, joining me on this journey of a life time as I start my new project "Living on the edge" a book series in the making. For the next serveral months, you will witness chapters being created for each series. One way to get my readers attention is by completing my project using my website. Each series will have its own page here on the website. On those pages, you can read chapter by chapter as it is being created by me. I also will be adding in several additional entries that are created by "you" the reader as you post within that series blog relating to the name of that series. Not everyone will be featured in the series, I will decide by the nature and the content of my readers postings. Thank you again for taking the time to visit my newest edition to the worlds internet, and, I look forward to getting started on this awesome well-worth it project.
                             Benjamin VanDamme
                    Author of "Living on the Edge"

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